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I take your privacy seriously

I will not sell your email address or other personal information, nor will I share your information with anyone else without your specific consent.

IP Addresses

My web hosting service tracks IP addresses solely for the purpose of counting visitors, page views and hits. I use that aggregate information so that I can maintain a user-friendly website and bring you the information you most want.

Links to Other Sites

In some of my pages there are links to websites outside of my domain. I do not monitor their privacy policies and cannot guarantee your privacy outside our domain.

Mailing Lists

My mailing lists are all opt-in. That means you choose to be on the mailing list(s). I do not spam, nor do I condone spamming. In the event that you wish to be removed from my mailings, please send me an email.

Regardless of having opted-in for mailing lists, I may occasionally send customers personalized emails to keep the line of communications open so that I can better serve you.

Contact Us:

If you have questions or concerns feel free to contact Mark or me:
email: mark@pennysboutique.com
by snail-mail:
Penny Magas
3424 Missouri Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63118
by phone: 314-456-4396